Place the Safera Sense above your cooktop and connect it with the Safera App. You will see a clear timeline of your cooking activities, how your cooking affects to air quality and how safe you are cooking.


Smart Cooking 

Forgot to set a timer? No worries, it’s already running.

Safera Sense recognizes various cooking events and sets up automatic timers. If you don’t know how long you have cooked your pasta, just simply check the app for past events. Safera Sense records all cooking activities and assists user with cooking routines.


Cooking Safety

Is your attention needed elsewhere? That’s ok, we’ll cover you.

When the stove is left unattended, Safera Sense is your intelligent stove guard. Sense recognizes possible fire hazards and notifies you with an alarm. With an optional Power Control Unit, Safera Sense automatically shuts down the power supply to the stove. You may also remotely switch off the stove from the app. The smart sensors recognize when someone is cooking and it does not interfere with everyday cooking.


Air Quality

How is your home air quality? We’ll tell you when it’s time to ventilate.

Cooking increases indoor air pollution. Safera Sense gives you live diagnostics of house temperature, humidity and air quality so you learn how and when you should ventilate your home.


Simple to use & state of the art smart home technology

1. Install Safera Sense above your stove

  • Monitors temperatures, cooking activities, air quality
  • Alarms only in hazardous situations
  • Communicates with the Safera App, Power Control Unit and smart home ecosystems

2. Download the free Safera App

  • Makes stove smarter and safer
  • Simple and easy user interface

3. Upgrade with optional Power Control Unit

  • Power Control Unit is installed between the stove and the power source
  • Prevents cooking fires by turning the stove off if necessary
  • With the optional Power Control Unit Safera Sense meets the requirements of EN 50165 stove guard standard

Pris: 199,00 

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